We buy keys for $1.85 0.00020669 BTC
We sell keys for $1.93 0.00021563 BTC
We pay 2 cents less for CS:GO Case Keys (Vanilla keys) and 1 cent less for Hydra Case Keys
Each Bitcoin payment sent by us carries a 0.00003000 (~$0.26) Bitcoin transaction fee
Total money transacted: $102753796.88 
 $169719.65 stored by users
Current total value: $179823.2 
 $41850.08 given to shareholders for free

Weekly 10 keys giveaway

We will be raffling 10 keys every Sunday and they will automatically be delivered to the winner
You must have KeyVendor.net anywhere in your Steam nickname to win. Example: Jambo - KeyVendor.net
Join once, have a chance to win every Sunday!

KeyVendor.net weekly 10 keys giveaway
Previous winners

Michaukso KeyVendor.net

Colourfull25 KeyVendor.net

mairou | KeyVendor.net

fumin *>|{;-|-> KeyVendor.net

Lenin keyvendor.net

Sukaop "KeyVendor.net"

thigee - KeyVendor.net

notmeguca "KeyVendor.net"

trashmed3 "KeyVendor.net"

BloodyGeek | KeyVendor.net

cody50055 - KeyVender.net

Petru67 - KeyVendor.net

‚̧Vanilla KeyVendor.net


LethaLFraGs | Keyvendor.net

Sell keys

How to sell
  1. Click Send trade offer on any of the bots above
  2. Add the keys that you want to sell to the trade offer
  3. (Optional) Copy your Bitcoin-address to the message box in the offer
  4. Send the trade offer and accept the mobile confirmation
  5. If you completed step #3, the bot will instantly send you the payment and give you the transaction hash
    If you skipped step #3, the Bitcoins are now in the Bitcoin balance of your KeyVendor account

Buy keys

How to buy
  1. Log in here or add this bot to your friendlist
  2. Click Send trade offer on any of the bots above
  3. Add the keys from the bot to the trade offer that you want to buy and send the offer
  4. You will get a Bitcoin address and amount to pay on the website and/or from the KeyVendor bot
  5. Pay the order and the bot will accept your trade offer instantly. Unreliable transactions might take a little longer to be accepted
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